The Swiss Institute for Interlaboratory Proficiency symbolizes the professional execution of proficiency tests – trustworthy, uncomplicated, and customer-focused.

The Swiss Institute for Interlaboratory Proficiency of Eurofins Qualitech AG is the leading internationally-oriented, ISO/IEC 17043 accredited proficiency testing provider (PTP) specializing in the testing and analysis of materials over the entire spectrum from metals and ceramics to polymers and other organic materials.

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Current Proficiency Tests
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What is proficiency testing?

Proficiency testing seeks to determine the performance of individual laboratories according to pre-established criteria by means of interlaboratory comparisons (refer to ISO/IEC 17043).

What is the purpose of proficiency testing?

Proficiency testing is intended to demonstrate the competence and monitor the performance over time of laboratories, institutes and test centers with respect to specific measurements or analyses. More specifically, laboratories accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 are required to demonstrate their successful participation in relevant interlaboratory comparisons. The international standard ISO/IEC 17011 demands that accreditation bodies, like for example SAS or DAKS, require laboratories to participate in proficiency tests and to take into account the proficiency test performance in their appraisals.

Participation in proficiency tests (PTs) provides the opportunity for laboratories to identify areas of weakness with regard to applied testing and measurement methods, effectiveness of training procedures and/or calibration of laboratory equipment and to apply remedial measures to improve their performance.  Furthermore the test results can be used to validate methods and procedures. This can help establish additional confidence of customers in the laboratory.

The need for sustained confidence in the performance of a given laboratory is not only crucial for the laboratory itself and its customers, but also for other stakeholders such as legislators, accreditation bodies and organizations responsible for defining laboratory requirements.

Swiss Proficiency means
  • All of the offered proficiency tests are ISO/IEC 17043 accredited
  • All individual operations are carried out exclusively by the Swiss Institute for Interlaboratory Proficiency and its staff
  • Submitted data is used and processed with absolute integrity and confidentiality
  • Meticulous care and precision are applied in the selection and preparation of the materials used
  • Homogeneity testing of high-quality materials using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025
  • International networking and decades of expertise in the area of proficiency and materials testing
  • Transparent, fast and uncomplicated implementation of proficiency testing in an international context
  • Assessments according to the latest scientific standards and detailed reports with internationally-recognized certificates
  • Assistance in improving the performance of your laboratory

Swiss Proficiency: We keep your business safe.