International leader with a unique background

The Swiss Institute for Interlaboratory Proficiency of Eurofins Qualitech AG is Switzerland’s leading internationally-oriented, ISO/IEC 17043 accredited proficiency testing provider (PTP) specializing in the testing and analysis of materials over the entire spectrum from metals and ceramics to polymers and other organic materials.

The Institute relies on the unique professional background of Eurofins Qualitech AG, the leading independent materials testing center in Switzerland. It applies the expertise and passion of more than 100 specialists, who on a daily basis perform countless ISO/IEC 17025 accredited materials tests and analyses in the company’s own state-of-the art laboratory facilities, to evaluate your data.

Interlaboratory comparisons provided by the Swiss Institute for Interlaboratory Proficiency of Eurofins Qualitech AG are managed by a group of committed, comprehensively-trained and experienced staff members from a variety of technical and academic backgrounds.

Swiss Proficiency: We keep your business safe.

Leadership Team


Mario Rieder
Institute Head

Dr. Günter Dörner
Deputy Institute Head, Polymers Expert

Dominik Oehler
Deputy Institute Head, Statistics Coordinator

Members of the Technical Committee


Dr. Michael Schinhammer
Materials and Corrosion Expert

Dr. Katja Lemster
Chemical Analysis Expert

Dr. Alessio Plas
Chemical Analysis Expert

Dr. Juxing Bai
Materials and Statistics Expert